At this stage, I’m aware of getting the occasional reader and obviously there’s been nothing here for you to read.

Hurry quickly has never been my motto, and I’m afraid that nothing is happening here very fast.

That said, I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. It might be the  full moon or it might be that other things are moving along behind the scenes. I’ve been dreaming at night and sometimes by day (asleep or not) about the characters in my novels. It’s almost like being haunted, but in a benign way. These are people who I care about and beyond the letters on a page, they only have life within my head and my dreams.

I’m seriously hoping that this sudden return of my gang of friends is a sign that my own rather stilfed creativity is returning to me.

The following poem has been published several times, both in the UK, in the US and also on  my blogs, but I hope it speaks of my state of mind clearly.  


A box of dreams


I packed my dreams away,

Deep in a faded chocolate box

Filled with precious memories,

Theatre programmes and broken beads.

I layered them with lavender

To keep away the cosmic moth

And I forgot I’d ever dreamed.

One night I rose from sleep,

Left my body warm in bed,

And crept up the hidden stair

To find the forgotten place

Where cobwebbed windows

Filtered moonlight onto dusty boards.

Amid the cracked records,

The rags of triumphal dresses

And other detritus of my life,

I heard the strangest sound,

Like stars singing in a frozen sky.

The box lay where I had left it,

And when I could bear to look inside,

Instead of shreds and tatters

I found treasures bright with starlight,

Memories gilded by the sun of years,

And my dreams as I had left them,

Untarnished and unworn by time


~ by Viv on June 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dreaming…”

  1. ahhhh…Viv! – this poem is magical! I love it. It will be no surprise to me to learn that many others who have read it / will read it … feel /will feel the same as I do.

    It’s the sort of poem that resonates with me and,over time, I’ve also written down poetic expression, in my own style, about the sort of things you describe in your beautiful poem. 🙂

    I’ve already told you – in my comments on your other blog at http://zenandtheartoftightropewalking.wordpress.com/ – of my thoughts about the quality of your writing. I’m glad we made connection and we are continuing this. 🙂

    Warmest regards – poettraveler- (John)

    • I’m glad you like it, John. It’s been published a couple of times in various magazines too.
      I don’t really consider myself a poet, except almost by accident, so the comments are very kind!
      thanks for popping by here!

  2. I have just got back fro work and have been eager to learn how today went!

  3. Slow and steady is always better than “hurry quickly”

    I like the feel of this place and look forward to seeing it grow.

    The poem is really beautiful and I am sure that the dreams you are experiencing is a sign of something positive to come. Could it be that your characters are ready to be “unpacked” yet again…

    • Hope so.
      I’m sitting waiting to go for my interview, but since the school is only a few yards away from my front door, I shal wait till 20 past before leaving the house. And hallelujah, no rain so I won’t need a coat or a brolly.

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